Emergency Vet Fund

Have you ever wondered what happens to an ill or and injured animal that comes into the care of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter?  As many pet owners know, veterinary medical care can be costly, especially in cases of emergency or when surgery is required.  What many people may not know is that GPAS requires substantial funding for the medical treatment for all of the homeless animals we assume responsibility for while in our care.

Animals in our care get sick or come in with illnesses and urgent medical needs.  Sometimes owners cannot afford the cost of the necessary veterinary services and surrender their animals to GPAS.  Additionally, our 501(c)3 organization also assumes care for all of the animals who are confiscated or surrendered as a result of the animal cruelty cases in Lackawanna County.

Our organization established a separate Veterinary Care Fund which is utilized to pay the medical costs of caring for all of the animals in our shelter.   The Veterinary Care Fund is funded by donations and essential to improving the health of so many animals in order to give them a second chance for a better life with adoption.

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