Passing of a Beloved Pet
Pets are cherished members of our families, and sadly the time will come when we have to say goodbye. Griffin Pond Animal Shelter provides on-site private or communal cremation, and interment in The Greener Pastures Cemetery located on our grounds. Read more.

Fostering for Our Troops
Please email our Operations Manager Kristen Anderson for more info-

Shelter for abandoned, unwanted animals
Griffin Pond Animal Shelter is the only animal shelter in Lackawanna County. We also assume care for many animals from Wyoming County. We provide shelter, food, and medical care for approximately 250 animals, every day.

Lost and Found
Lost pets might be just a phone call away from home, thanks to our Lost and Found reports. Read more.

Educational Programs
Our programs will teach children to be kind to all animals, and to respect the environment to build a more caring tomorrow. Read more.

Pet Adoptions – New Beginnings
Many animals get a “second chance” because of our Adoption Program. Potential adopters must comply with our adoption policy:

  • must be 21 years old or over;
  • fill out an application;
  • have a current driver’s license or state ID;
  • provide your landlord’s phone number or have proof of home ownership;
  • have veterinarian information if you currently have pets;
  • provide three references;
  • and, upon approval, sign an adoption contract and pay an adoption fee.

Adoption fees effective 8/1/2014:


  • Puppy up to 1 year           $185
  • 1 year and over                 $165
  • Senior to Senior                $  25


  • Kitten up to 1 year           $  65
  • 1 year and over                $  50
  • Senior to Senior               $  10
  • Cats already fixed            $  25

Small Animals

Rabbits                                         $50 ea/$65 pr

Guinea Pigs                                  $15 ea/$20 pr

Rats/Mice                                    $  8 ea/$10 pr

Gerbils                                           $  8 ea/$10 pr

Hamsters                                      $  8 ea

Ferrets                                          $20 ea/$30 pr

Birds                                              $10 pr

If you currently have a pet, a “meet and greet” will be scheduled.

The adoption fee includes spay/neuter certificate, microchip, and vaccination. State law requires all adopted animals be spayed/neutered. See our available pets.

Rabies Clinics
Off-site and “drive thru” rabies vaccination clinics are held throughout the year. See our event schedule for upcoming clinics.

Also, check out Eastern PA Animal Alliance for vaccination clinics (

Cruelty Investigations
Humane Society Police Officers investigate hundreds of abuse and neglect cases each year. Humane Society Police Officers are called upon to help eliminate the suffering of the helpless animals who cannot speak for themselves.

Volunteer assistance is a vital component of our work. There are many ways you can help and make a valuable contribution to animal welfare in our community. Volunteers help with fund raising events, dog walking, cat socialization and grooming, grounds keeping, clerical and more. See how you can help.

Help Us Continue Our Work
The team at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter strives to make a difference in the lives of so many abused, homeless, abandoned and injured animals entrusted to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter for shelter, food, medical care and affection while we provide them an opportunity for a better future and a loving, forever home.

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter is the only animal shelter in Lackawanna County. We also assume care for many animals from Wyoming County. We provide shelter, food, and medical care for approximately 250 animals, every day.

Our organization receives no financial assistance from the Federal, state or county government. So every donation makes a real difference to all of the animals in our care as we exist solely on the generosity of our community members.

Our mission is to investigate and prevent cruelty to animals, promote adoption, humane education & responsible pet ownership (including neutering and spaying), while caring for the many animals surrendered to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter every day until we find them new, loving homes.

We know that we alone cannot change the world, but if our efforts to change the world of the animals at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter can inspire you to better understand the plight of these animals and influence you to help us help them, then together we can positively transform the future of homeless and abused animals in our community.   Please help the blighted animals that cannot help or speak for themselves. With your continued support, these animals are given a second chance.

Many have helped to continue the care and placement of homeless and abused animals by a bequest in a personal will, or by designating the Humane Society as a beneficiary in part or in whole on a life insurance policy. Some patrons have also supported our mission by registering personal investments as “TOD” “Transfer on Death” so that the fruits of these investments continue to be used in a life enhancing way. To insure that the Humane Society may continue our work on behalf of our furry and feathered friends, please use our full name; “Griffin Pond Animal Shelter” when making the above mentioned bequests. If you have any questions about these options for giving, please contact a certified financial planner, life insurance representative or attorney.