Crate Training

Before you think of giving up your “problem”pet, PLEASE consider crate training. We strongly suggest this method whenever we are confronted with a pet owner who is thinking of giving up their pet due to behavior problems such as chewing, eliminating in the house, destructive behavior when the owner is away, a puppy who isn’t house-trained, etc.

To a human, crating a dog can seem cruel, but for a dog it can be their safe place. To the dog, the crate can be a place where they can relax, sleep, and escape confusion. 

Used correctly and humanely, a crate will provide peace of mind for both you and your pet. House breaking and training a puppy can be a much simpler task using a crate. For an older dog, more patience may be required, but a crate may be just the answer you need to solve the behavior problems that are damaging the bond you have with your pet.

Consider this. Nationwide 70% of all animals turned in to shelters due to behavior problems are euthanized. They are first traumatized by being abandoned by their owners in a place that is filled with strangers and other strange animals, and in many shelters, they spend almost ALL their time in a cage.

Please, give crate training a try. Chances are that you will solve the behavior problems and you and your pet can have a wonderful life together. 

Check out our "How To" video below for a step by step crate training guide! 




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