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Doggy Day Out


Simply come by the shelter to “check out” one of our dogs for a day trip outside of the shelter.

Upon arrival, you will be introduced to our most gracious dogs and shown a few options for your outing.


The main goal of the program is for you to enjoy the natural beauty of our beautiful area, and to get your “dog fix” by taking along one of our shelter dogs on your adventure. The dogs stay happy, healthy, and well-adjusted with this valuable time spent outdoors and you have fun providing them socialization with a variety of people and experiences prior to adoption.


Interested? Let's Get Started!

Begin by filling out an application. You can email the application once you've finished!


Please be specific when filling out the application. We need to know where you plan on taking the dog. For instance, please don't just put down "A park for a hike."  Please note, approval may take a day or two, so please submit your application well in advance of your planned date. Once you are approved, you will be notified via phone or email to set up a date for your day out!
























Field trip hours hours are 10:00am-3:00pm


Pick-up hours:

10 am- 12 pm

Return by:

3:00 pm



  • Participant must be at least 21 years old.

  • Liability waiver must be signed.

  • Dogs must be in an enclosed vehicle (no riding in an open convertible or in the open bed of a truck).

  • Dogs must be on leash at all times.

  • Dogs are not allowed off-leash or in any dog park.

  • Dogs are not to “socialize” or “meet” any other dogs during their outing.

  • No person under the age of 21 may handle the dog.




Q: Can I let the dog off-leash?

A: Dogs must be on leash at all times. Dogs are not allowed off-leash under an circumstances.


Q: What should I do with my field trip dog?

A: You can take them to one of our great local parks for a nice long walk, you can take them to local trails for an exciting hike, or take them out for a treat at our local dairy farm. Basically just get them out for a good time.


Q: Can I bring my other dogs too?

A: Other pets are allowed, but they must be transported in separate vehicles and kept apart at all times during the outing. This is for the safety of both animals.


Q: Can I take more than one dog out on a field trip?

A: We encourage kennel mates to go out together, as they have been tested to share space. We do not allow taking out multiples who are not housed together.


Q: What do I do if someone wants to adopt a dog I have on a field trip?

A: Great news! We love to hear that. Send them to Griffin Pond Animal Shelter to complete the necessary steps to adopt.


Q: Can I take my field trip dog swimming?

A: You may allow your field trip dog to wade through streams but please do not let them fully swim.


Q: Do I need to feed them dinner while we are out?

A: No need to worry! They will get dinner upon their return to the shelter. You can always offer pet friendly treats and snacks!


Q: How do I know if my field trip dog is good with kids or other dogs? Can my kids hold the dog? Can my dog meet other dogs we run into out walking?

A: All the information we know about your shelter dog will be provided to you by a staff member upon pickup. No one under 18 can hold the leash under any circumstances. Please do not introduce your dog to any other dogs or cats you may meet out and about, for your safety and theirs.


Q: Can I bring them to a dog park? 

A: Under no circumstances should your dog be allowed into a dog park. This is for the safety of both you field trip dog and the other dogs.

Q: Can I bring my field trip dog to my house?

A: These dogs spend a lot of times indoors. The purpose of this program is to get the dogs outside for stimulation and exercise, so we do not want dogs being back inside for their "day out".


Q: What do I do if my field trip dog gets away from me?

A: Please call the shelter IMMEDIATELY so we can send someone to assist in recovering the dog. 570-586-3700

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