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Surrendering a Pet

If your pet was adopted from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter and you need to surrender the animal we MUST be contacted prior to rehoming.

There are circumstances when an animal must leave its life-long home: when an owner becomes physically unable to care for it or the owner is terminally ill; when a dog has shown true unprovoked aggression or is putting a member of the family in danger. These are “valid” reasons (although owners need to be aware that true unprovoked aggression may indicate a dog is not adoptable).

Examples of poor reasons for surrendering a pet: .

  •      The dog won’t listen.

  •      We can’t house-train the dog.

  •      The cat “marks”.

  •      The dog chews.

  •      We’re moving.

  •      Nobody takes care of the dog/cat but me.

  •      We don’t have time for the dog/cat.

  •      The dog growled/snapped at my child/me.


If this sounds like your situation there is usually a solution that will allow you and your pet to stay together and out of an already over-crowded shelter.  Before you think of giving up your “problem” dog, PLEASE consider crate training. We strongly suggest this method whenever we are confronted with a pet owner who is thinking of giving up their pet due to behavior problems such as chewing, eliminating in the house, destructive behavior when the owner is away, a puppy who isn’t house-trained, etc. Consider this. Nationwide 70% of all animals turned in to shelters due to behavior problems are euthanized. They are first traumatized by being abandoned by their owners in a place that is filled with strangers and other strange animals, and in many shelters, they spend almost ALL their time in a cage. Please, give crate training a try. Chances are that you will solve the behavior problems and you and your pet can have a wonderful life together.

If you are not sure of what you could be doing to help your pets problem behaviors and would like some help working on them, please email to get a training consultation. If you believe you are not the best home for your pet and would like to rehome them, please reach out 

We do not put a time limit on how long an animal may stay here while awaiting adoption. This leads some people to form the mistaken belief that we will somehow adopt out every animal surrendered to us. We wish it could be like that, but the reality is that we cannot guarantee that your pet will be adopted into another home. There are health or behavior challenges that can come up that would determine that the pet cannot be saved. We are dedicated to the pets in our care and will go to any length to get ensure they go into a great home.

Due to space constraints, we ask you contact us to arrange for the intake of your pet prior to bring it to the shelter during regular business hours. Any paperwork/medical records/history you can provide us with on your pet is important and appreciated as well as any food your pet is accustomed to.

The shelter incurs many costs in caring for surrendered animals, including food, quality medical care, maintenance costs for the buildings, heating, and more. To help off-set these costs we do require a surrender fee, but an additional monetary donation or a donation of supplies is deeply appreciated.


Steps to Surrendering an Owned Pet:

  1. Fill out surrender form (if you are unable to download off website, you can stop by the shelter for a hard copy)

  2. Stop by the shelter between 11am and 4pm to turn in form and schedule a surrender appointment

  3. In the meantime, do your best to rehome the animal on your own - the goal is to keep them out of the stressful shelter environment

  4. Come to your scheduled appointment with the pet, surrender fee, vet paperwork, and the About Me form filled out. 

Surrender Fees:

We require a surrender fee with each pet that comes in to help cover the cost of their care, shots and spay or neuter while they are here. Please bring this with you in the form of cash, check, or card at the time of your appointment.

Fixed Animals: $100

Unfixed Animals: $150

Small Animal: $30

*Subject to additional fees if pet needs to be taken in on the spot, or is being surrendered from a different county. 

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