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Our Missin

Our Mission

Our Mission is to investigate, help prosecute and prevent cruelty to animals while also promoting adoption awareness and humane education plus responsible pet ownership. We promote this all while we care for the animals surrendered to our shelter to the best of our ability every day until we find them new loving homes. 

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter was established as the Humane Society of Lackawanna County in 1938 to provide shelter for homeless, unwanted and abused animals. The shelter cares for over 200 animals on a daily basis, which is a considerable cost when you consider how much staff, food, medicine and supplies the shelter requires to operate. We also provide for animals that are sick, elderly and injured that are in our custody due to various reasons such as owner surrender and cruelty case investigations. 

Our shelter is not affiliated with any other organizations and we are completely funded by private donations. Because we do not receive any federal, state or county funding, we rely on fundraising events and the generosity of caring people. With your support, these animals are given a second chance. 

Updated Euthanasia Policy:  Unanimously Approved by the Board of Directors on 12/28/17


Euthanasia Policy

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter provides a lifetime commitment to all animals that come into our care by arranging for a foster home until they are adopted into their permanent home and caring for them in the shelter environment. While we do not euthanize any animal for time or space, unfortunately, there are some instances where euthanasia is the best or only humane option for an animal in our care. Each animal is evaluated as an individual and assessed under the circumstances as a whole. Euthanasia is only considered after an appropriate investigation of other viable and reasonable options. The following outlines the circumstances in which we consider euthanasia for an animal in our care, how that decision is made and carried out.


Circumstances that may require euthanasia

Griffin Pond Animal Shelter only considers euthanasia as an option for animals that are suffering mentally, emotionally or physically and have a poor prognosis; are experience unremitting pain or mental suffering that cannot be reasonably alleviated; or pose danger to other animals, themselves or people. Euthanasia is not an option we take lightly and it will be done only when it we have determined that is the only humane option for the animal.


Medical Issues

After consulting with a veterinarian and following his/her recommendations, we will consider euthanasia for an animal who has a poor prognosis, will have a long and painful rehabilitation process with little chance of a meaningful recovery, has an incurable debilitating illness or is not responding to the available treatment.


Behavioral Issues

If an animal has a history of unprovoked biting and/or is exhibiting aggressive behaviors that pose unacceptable risk to other animals or people, we will consult with two trainers and the Animal Welfare Committee. If the behavior expert and committee determines that the animal is unable to be rehabilitated and will continue to pose a threat to others euthanasia will be considered. In our opinion, if an animal is so aggressive that a behavior expert determines that it poses a danger to other animals and/or people, life in a sanctuary is simply not a humane option. We will not transfer an animal to another rescue group or shelter to avoid the difficult decision of having to euthanize for a behavioral issue.


How we make the decision to euthanize

For medical cases, we will defer to the judgment of our veterinarians in making euthanasia decisions. For behavioral issues euthanasia will be performed only after the recommendation of two trainers, the majority vote of the Animal Welfare Committee. All euthanasia decisions will be clearly documented. The Board of Directors will receive a comprehensive report outlining all steps taken and trainer recommendations upon which the decision was finalized.


How the animal is euthanized

The foster provider or another representative from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter will be responsible for taking the animal to one of the organization’s partner veterinarians for euthanasia or when necessary the veterinarian will come to the shelter for euthanasia. Whenever possible and appropriate, the foster provider or other representative from Griffin Pond Animal Shelter will remain with the animal during the entire process.  We believe all animals deserve respect and loving care through their final moments.


Animal Welfare Committee Members:

  • Humane Officer of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

  • Attending Veterinarian

  • K-9 Enrichment Specialist of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

  • K-9 Enrichment Specialist of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

  • Animal Care Specialist of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

  • Operations Director and/or Executive Director of Griffin Pond Animal Shelter

Non-Profit Information:

  • Legal Name: The Humane Society of Lackawanna County

  • Legal Address: 967 Griffin Pond Road, Clarks Summit, PA 18411

  • Federal Tax ID: 24-0831491

  • Organization Status: 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization

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