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Date lost: 

Thu Nov 07 2019 05:00:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Pet Description

my dogs escaped my fence on twin lakes rd shohola pa around 3ish on 10/7/2019. There was a post that they were spotted on 434 near german hill rd going toward twin lakes rd around 5ish on pike county lost and injured animals. At 602 my brown dog princess came home but unfortunately xena my black one did not. We searched all night for her and did not find her.i started calling police stations and left a message with pike county humane society at 630 this morning. I went to work at 11 am and during my lunch I recalled everyone again. Pike county humane society did not recieve a phone call on a found dog so I gave them all my info. I then called Milford police station and they said they did not recieve a phone call on any dogs yesterday or today but they advised me to call the state police. The state police went through there records and they had multiple phone calls regarding a black and brown dog roaming 434 and the last call they recieved was that a gentleman called around 545 550 that they were spotted by the fire house in shohola and a woman was able to grab xena but not princess as princess ran away. The gentleman described my dogs to a t. The collars and everything plus I'm literally right off of kneeling rd. He was unfortunately unable to get information from the lady as it was pouring and she left. Princess returned home at 602. That is all I know. I have called the humane society and all local vet and no one has came in with a found dog as of yet. I've looked through multiple post on found dogs and I've got nothing. I will be calling around port jervis tommorow afternoon after work and will be making flyers and posting them. If anyone has information on the where abouts of my xena please PM or call me at 570-618-3637. Thank you to the woman that picked up my dog and tried to get my other one to get them out of the rain and out of the cold. I greatly appreciate it at least I know she is safe somewhere.

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