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Spay/Neuter Certificates

Sorry! At this time, we are not selling our s/n certificates as no vet in the area will currently accept them.


If you wish, you may reach out to your vet to see if they'll accept the certificates. If so, please contact us with this information and we will gladly sell the certificate to you. Please keep in mind, no refunds will be permitted after purchase.


Thank you! 

Griffin Pond believes in spaying/neutering pets. To encourage this process, we offer the community low-cost, spay/neuter certificates which can be purchased at our shelter during normal business hours. Before you purchase a certificate, we suggest you contact your veterinarian to be sure they will accept the certificate. We also encourage you to schedule the procedure before you purchase a certificate from us as the certificates are only valid for three months following the purchase date. We also encourage you to ask your veterinarian if there will be any additional costs for the procedure, such as medications.




Male: $95 + $20 fee = $115

Female: $95 + $20 fee = $115


Male: $95 + $20 fee = $115

Female: $115 + $20 fee = $135

  • Certificates MUST be used within three months of purchase.


  • Should you have any issues regarding the request for a refund, please contact our business manager at (570) 586-3700 x511.

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